Goodbye HP, We knew you well

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       Last week, Hewlett Packard, the world's number one maker of personal computers, shook up the computer world by announcing a massive restructuring. They have bowed out of the phone and tablet business, killed the Palm webOS, and decided to sell off their personal computer business.

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One way to speed up Windows XP

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       Is your Windows XP computer suddenly running much slower? It may be because of Microsoft Update. Over the last year, I have encountered dozens of Windows XP machines that are running out of memory when starting up. As a result, some of them take 20 minutes or more to completely load. In this article I will explain how to speed up Windows XP by turning off Microsoft Update.

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Help! I’ve been upgraded to Internet Explorer 9

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             Recently, you may have noticed that your internet explorer has changed quite a bit. Congratulations! Wink You have downloaded the Internet Explorer 9 update. It has been pushed out automatically to most users of Windows 7 and Vista. Now, you find that you are missing some buttons and that you are seeing repeatedly an annoying pop-up message about disabling add-ons. In this article, I will show you how to tame IE9.

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