One way to speed up Windows XP

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       Is your Windows XP computer suddenly running much slower? It may be because of Microsoft Update. Over the last year, I have encountered dozens of Windows XP machines that are running out of memory when starting up. As a result, some of them take 20 minutes or more to completely load. In this article I will explain how to speed up Windows XP by turning off Microsoft Update.

       Microsoft pushes out automatic updates on the second Tuesday of each month. There are two automatic update programs: Windows Update and Microsoft Update. Windows Update provides the monthly security updates for the Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer. It is quite necessary. Microsoft Update is optional and provides updates for other Microsoft products such as office, windows live essentials, zune, silverlight, media player, intellipoint, and windows defender.

       Unfortunately many users of XP have found that Microsoft Update uses all of their memory when they startup their computer. They get “OUT OF VIRTUAL MEMORY” errors and cannot bring up anything for several minutes. How did we get stuck with Microsoft Update? I have found that many XP users were automatically upgraded from Windows Update some time late last year. It seems somebody in Redmond decided that it would be a good idea if everyone was on Microsoft Update. Also if you installed Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, you were prompted to upgrade to Microsoft Update at the end. Installing Microsoft Security Essentials will turn it on too. Find out if you have Microsoft Update next.