One way to speed up Windows XP - Are you running Microsoft Update?

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       Now lets find out whether you are running Microsoft Update. Go to the Start Menu (lower left hand corner) and click on All Programs. Look at the list of programs. You may need to move your mouse to the top of the program list to see it. If you see Microsoft Update listed, then you have it. If not, you still could have it, so click on Windows Update.

Start - all programs - windows update


















Next you might see the Windows Update window pop up. If this window pops up, then you are not running Microsoft Update and you need not go any further.

Windows update 

Or you may see Microsoft Update and one of these two pages:



      If you see a message prompting you to install the Active X control, like the image on the right side, right click on the bar next to the blue shield near the top, like the instructions tell you to do, and choose Install ActiveX Control. You will then get a pop-up asking you if you would like to install the Active X control, choose RUN. Then you will see the Microsoft Update page as it appears on the left side. Next we'll disable Microsoft Update.