Goodbye HP, We knew you well

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       Last week, Hewlett Packard, the world's number one maker of personal computers, shook up the computer world by announcing a massive restructuring. They have bowed out of the phone and tablet business, killed the Palm webOS, and decided to sell off their personal computer business.

        They are apparently keeping their ink and printer business. Like IBM before them, they have decided to focus on the more lucrative server and middleware business. There is no money in building personal computers. The profit margins are too small and the competition too fierce.

       Is somebody likely to purchase their pc business? Probably some foreign company like Samsung, Lenovo, or Acer if they wait long enough. They will never be able to hold on to such a large market share and will probably end up losing money too. HP computers are destined to go the way of the -sigh- Packard.

       There will be some really hot deals on Touchpads and Veer phones. This weekend, Bust Buy was already unloading Touchpads for $99. Should you pick up one of these hotcakes? Maybe as a toy for the children, but there is a reason HP is in such a bad position. They haven't made a good quality product in many years. The HP Touchpad is thicker than an Ipad, flimsier, has much fewer apps, and will not be supported for any longer than a year. It is probably not a tablet that you want to invest much time or money into acquiring. Although the Veer is microscopic, most agree that it is a solid smart phone. It is good enough for ICarly anyway.

       What about buying an HP computer? They are probably no worse than a Gateway or a Dell. I would just avoid buying a HP extended warranty or service plan because nobody knows who will be honoring it or whether it will be honored at all. Gateway and IBM computers were supported very poorly at first after they changed hands. Dell and Apple are now certain to be the only major US based computer manufacturers.