Don't replace that slow pc, refurbish it

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Tired computer

      Is your computer slow and tired. If it is less than 5 years old, you probably don't need to replace it. A couple of inexpensive upgrades and a reload of Windows are sure to revive it.

Hard drives can lose up to 50% of their speed in 5 years. So it is not just you, your pc has gotten slower. New hard drives have come down dramatically in cost  to $60-$70. Maybe you need a little more ram, again it has come way down in price. 2 gb of ram, depending on the configuration, can cost as little as $25.

       Gradually over time, your windows may have slowed down. It is a process commonly referred to as windows rot. Temporary files, unused programs, useless updates, redundant security programs, and too many startup items are all factors in this. Often we can resolve many of these issues without reloading windows but sometimes a fresh install is just what the doctor ordered.

       Jay can refurbish your computer (hard drive, memory upgrade, and tune-up or windows reload) for around $200. It is much cheaper than the $500 you would pay for a new computer.  The process takes about 2 days and he will pick it up and bring it back and set it up, reload your printer, security, and software if necessary. Give him a call and ask him about refurbishing today.